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16 January 2017

PDC*line Pharma raises €4 million

PDC*line Pharma is currently developing an original platform for immuno-oncology. The biotech company, which is a spinoff of the Etablissement Français du Sang, raised €4 million in a first round of funding with €2.6 million in capital and €1.4 million in bank loans, grants and recoverable advances. The increase in capital was funded by three Belgian institutions and a group of international business angels.


This additional funding will enable PDC*line Pharma to prepare a new clinical study to demonstrate the efficiency of its technology. A first study undertaken at the Grenoble and Nantes hospitals is currently wrapping up and results should be presented during the second trimester of 2017. This first study was carried out with nine patients who suffer from advanced stages of skin cancer (melanoma). Preclinical and clinical results were extremely promising. With this round of funding, the company will also complete the industrialization of its processes and set up offices in Liège.