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05 Jan
GDR Multielectrode - NeuralNet Conference and Minischool 05 - 08 Januar

This is the first announcement that the next conference of the GDR Multielectrode - becoming soon (hopefully) GDR NeuralNet.

We chose to delay a bit this edition in order to organize the conference in the Vercors mountain (http://www.escandille.com/).

The conference will start on Jan 6 late afternoon and end on Jan 8 afternoon. Not sure there will be snow at this period, but we hope the calm of Vercors will foster creative thinking and interactions !

Because lodging will be provided on site, a (reasonable) registration fee will be asked to cover the corresponding cost and secure the organization.

The minischool preceding the conference will take place in downtown Grenoble on January 5-6 (lodging not provided).

The program and registration organization is under preparation, but please save already these dates to make this new event as rich as possible !

Contact : antoine.depaulis@ujf-grenoble.fr

29 Jan
Research Seminar: NLP and machine learning 29 Januar

Compositional structures abound in NLP, ranging from bilexical relations, entities in context, sequences and trees.  The focus of this talk is in latent-variable compositional models for structured objects that: (1) induce a latent n-dimensional representation for each element of the structure; and (2) learn operators for composing such elements into structures.

04 Mär
Junior Scientist and Industry Annual Meeting (JSIam) 2016 04 März

The Junior Scientist and Industry annual meeting (JSIam) is a one-day event dedicated to junior scientists (PhD students and post doc) and industry members. It is an excellent opportunity for both to get to know each other. It is a great opportunity for industry members to keep up to date with new research results in the academic environment, but also to find new skills and to identify potential future employees for their businesses. Simultaneously, junior scientists can form a better idea about their opportunities to integrate the industrial world and to discover other possible career paths.

18 Mär
COMSOL Days 18 März

Looking to advance your modeling skills and learn how to build specialized simulation apps? Attend a COMSOL Day in your area for hands-on training that will bring you up to speed on how to use the tools that are available in COMSOL Multiphysics® and COMSOL Server™. After attending a COMSOL Day, you will know how to use powerful simulation tools to boost productivity and enhance your products and research methods.

29 Mär
Hercules 2016 29 März - 29 April

This school provides training for students, postdoctoral and senior scientists from European and non-European universities and laboratories, in the field of Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation for condensed matter studies (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, Geosciences, Industrial applications).

12 Sep
ISMC2016 12 - 16 September

The 4th International Soft Matter Conference (ISMC2016) will be held in Grenoble, France from 12-16 September 2016 under the auspices of the SoftComp consortium. Three previous conferences were held in Aachen (2007), Granada (2010) and Rome (2013), and brought together up to 800 experimentalists and theorists working in the soft matter field.

The conference will cover both the fundamental and applied aspects of soft matter and complex systems. Local organisers of ISMC2016 include scientists from the large-scale facilities ILL and ESRF as well as from the Grenoble University and other research organisations such as CEA, CNRS, and INPG. The venue will be the conference centre Alpexpo in Grenoble. 

07 Nov
5th Nanosafe International Conference 07 - 10 November

Health and Safety issues related to Nanomaterials - for a socially responsible approach

21 Nov
Workshop LabEx Minos 21 November

The Workshop will gather reckoned Experts from Grenoble and outside and will be a good and pedagogical introduction to important issues shared both by the microelectronics and physics communities.

23 Nov
2D Materials : from physics to engineering 23 November

The workshop will gather reckoned experts from Grenoble and outside and will be a pedagogical introduction to important issues shared both by the microelectronics and physics commu nities working on 2D materials. The registration is free of charge but mandatory and will be made on the first come-first served basis –limited to 150 attendees. PhD students are very welcome.

01 Dez
PiezoNEMS 2016 - Workshop on Piezo NanoSystems 01 Dezember

This workshop aims to provide an overview of the most recent advances in piezoresistive and piezoelectric nanosystems (NEMS). A broad range of subjects will be covered, from materials science to basic physics and device applications.

12 Dez
New Trends in Magnetic Structure Determination 12 Dezember

Scientific scope : This workshop aims to contribute to the training of scientists in the treatment of neutron diffraction data for magnetic structure determination, putting the stress in the new improved methods and tools made available in the last years. In particular, the methods that make a combined use of magnetic symmetry groups and representational analysis will be shown and practiced (both for commensurate and incommensurate structures).

15 Dez
Miniworkshop on Advanced Materials for Energy and Health applications 15 Dezember More…