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Getting new technologies to market faster

Grenoble-Isère is home to leaders across the innovation value chain. The technologies developed by local labs rapidly make their way into the products and services of companies of all sizes, from major corporations to start-ups. 


Grenoble has earned recognition as a center for technology-transfer expertise: 

  • From idea to proof-of-concept,
  • the start-up phase, 
  • early-stage development,
  • and financing.

Local innovation partners offer targeted support at all stages of the business start-up process and work together to actively encourage the emergence of innovative companies. The
MINATEC innovation campus is Grenoble’s flagship technology-transfer catalyst, turning new technologies into marketable products in record time.  

From idea to proof-of-concept: Gravit business incubator

From idea to proof-of-concept: Gravit business incubator

  • Identifies high-potential innovations coming out of local research labs
  • Transforms the innovations into concrete projects transferrable to industry
  • Develops industrial-scale demonstrators mirroring target market needs and helps create viable start-ups to get the technologies to market
More: www.gravit-innovation.org
Financing: Key resources

Financing: Key resources

  • Bpifrance , the French government’s investment bank
  • Local governments: intermunicipal authorities, the Isère General Council, the Rhône-Alpes regional government
  • Competitive clusters certified by the French government: collaborative R&D project financing, French Single Interministerial Fund financing
  • The Entreprendre Isère entrepreneurship network
  • Angel investors: Grenoble Angels, GEM Angels, Savoie Angels
  • Bootstrap, venture capital, and growth funds: KIC Innoenergy, Emertec, RAC, CDC 
  • The Venture 4i® fair



MINATEC: From breakthrough innovation model to world-caliber campus

Today Europe’s leading innovation campus in the micro- and nanotechnologies, the MINATEC concept was invented by CEA-Grenoble Director Jean Therme in 1999 and has since spurred the development of Grenoble’s renowned technology-transfer ecosystem.

This unique model is based on collaborative R&D between stakeholders located within close geographical proximity to each other. MINATEC effectively brings together some 2,400 researchers, 600 professionals from the world of industry, and 1,200 students on a 20-hectare state-of-the-art campus equipped with world-class equipment, including 10,000 sq. m of clean rooms and shared technology platforms offering some of the most advanced capabilities anywhere in the world.

MINATEC labs file around 300 patents and publish some 1,600 scientific articles per year. The campus also regularly spins off start-ups in industries like optronics, biotech, components, circuit design, and motion sensing. These start-ups are housed in a dedicated building (the High-tech Building, or BHT) on the MINATEC campus.

More: www.minatec.org