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02 Juni 2017

Adisseo plans important investments

As part of its Polar project, Adisseo is planning to invest 120 million euros to improve the four locations in its European platform. Twenty million euros are to be invested in the company’s two sites in Grenoble-Isère (Saint-Clair-du-Rhône and Roussillon).


As the number two leader of nutritional additives for animal feed, Adisseo will be increasing its European production capacities in terms of liquid methionine (+25%). This will help the company meet growing demand (approximately +6% per year) which is caused by increasing world population and demands for animal proteins.


In Grenoble-Isère, investments will first serve to improve reliability and achieve maximum production. Following these improvements, a new production method will be developed to eliminate dangerous byproducts.


The Polar project with enable Adisseo to reinforce the competitive edge of its European platform, which will become the group’s most important region for methionine production.