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21 Februar 2017

Labaronne-Citaf launches new flexible storage tank

Fifty years ago, Labaronne-Citaf invented and patented the flexible storage tank. This year, the company is launching a new flexible storage tank designed to hold up to 2,000 m3 of liquids such as fuel, rain water, drinkable water, water for firefighting, agricultural and industrial runoff, liquid fertilizers, gas, or mineral oils. This innovative product is aimed at professionals in need of a cost-effective and environmentally friendly storage solution.


The storage system offers several key advantages, including a closed, custom-made and highly durable tank that does not require a building permit. The company is based in Pont-Evêque, in Grenoble-Isère, where it produces 3,000 storage systems per year. The company’s 100% made in France products are sold and set up around the world. Even the fabric used to store drinkable water is made in France. The company’s clients include government authorities, armies, humanitarian organizations, local authorities and farmers.