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02 November 2017

Capgemini celebrates 50 years in business

Way back on October 1st 1967, Serge Kampf, flanked by five people, launched Sogeti (business management and information processing company) in a two-room apartment in Grenoble-Isère. It was the first company in France to offer clients a full range of IT services (start-up support, data entry and processing, program design, training, etc.). It was also the first in Europe to offer clients outsourced IT management and upstream organizational consulting services in order to adapt their tools to fit their structures. With the acquisition of CAP, Gemini and Sesa in 1996, Sogeti became Capgemini and moved up to a new dimension.


Fifty years later, the company has grown into a global group with nearly 200,000 employees spread across offices in more than 40 countries. It is one of the global leaders in consulting, IT services, and outsourced management services, with revenues of 12.5 billion euros.