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24 April 2017

Photomaton never short on innovation

Photomaton (Kis Photo-me Group) is the French leader of automatic passport photo booths. The company consistently banks on innovation to offer new solutions. Photomaton recently implemented an e-photo service that enables terminal users to safely and officially transfer their photo and signature to administrative services for driver’s licence applications.


Photomaton also provide event organizers with “selfie” photo booths. Users leave the photo booth with a selfie that is customized according to the event organizer’s brand guidelines. The photos can then easily be shared on social networks thus ensuring widespread publicity for the event.


The company is currently testing 28 high definition 3D photo booths in the Lyon region. The idea is to use 3D printing to create a figurine of the person who is photographed. Once a user takes a picture in the photo booth, he or she only has to wait seven days to receive a personalized figuring. If this test phase is successful, new 3D photo booths will be deployed worldwide.