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10 Juli 2017

Soitec turns a new page

The world leader in innovative semi-conductor materials ended the 2016-2017 year with a turnover of 245.7 million euros, which marks a 5% increase and a net profit of 8.4 million euros (versus a loss of 72.2 million euros last year). This improvement was in great part made possible thanks to the group’s focus on its electronics activity and its recapitalization (151.9 million euros raised last year), which enabled the group to boost its balance sheet and fund investments.


Over the next fiscal year, Soitec expects turnover to grow by 25% at stable exchange rates thanks to the semiconductor industry, which has adopted the group’s FD-SOI technology. As a result, Soitec has decided to invest 40 million euros over the next two years to develop production capacities at its industrial site in Bernin (near Grenoble). Production of 300 mm silicon wafers should increase from 100,000 to 400,000 per year. This growth will include the recruitment of 150 employees. The group is also planning to reopen its factory in Singapore in order to help meet long term demands for FD-SOI wafers.


In the future, FD-SOI technology is expected to be used more and more often for household electronics, and in particular future opportunities are expected thanks to the growth of the Internet of Things and 5G connected devices