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27 September 2017

Upmem brings together 3 M€ for PIM chip

UPMEM, a fabless semiconductor startup, has brought together €3m from a financing round with C4 Ventures, Partech Ventures, Supernova Invest, Western Digital Capital, Crédit Agricole and tech entrepreneurs.


The round will enable the startup to produce and bring to market its UPMEM Processing-ln-Memory (PIM) chip, a next-generation hardware solution for data-intensive computing applications. Traditional microprocessor architectures have trouble handling the new generation of big data applications. The PIM solution developed by UPMEM is based on an innovative processor that enables massive volumes of data to be processed by hundreds of programmable coprocessors sitting right next to the data.


Associated with its software development kit, the UPMEM PIM solution can multiply the speed of data-intensive applications by 20, with very little added energy cost. Compatibility with existing servers, standard protocols, and programming schemes remove all barriers to fast and massive adoption.