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Key Economic Data

The Grenoble-Isère key economic data synthetized in our reference document.

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Grenoble-Isere News

Grenoble-Isere Report" is a e-Newsletter sent everey two months, targeting an international readership. It gathers news about Grenoble-Isere companies and Invest-in-Grenoble-Isere, France-AEPI..


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Grenoble-Isère Report

Grenoble-Isere Report" is a quarterly magazine targeting an international readership. It centres on an in-depth case study, focusing on a specific sector of activity, but also features key events, opening with an interview with a key player in the Grenoble-Isere economy.

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Publications on Grenoble-Isère's key technologies

AEPI operates an economic observatory focussing mainly on demographics, the job market, Grenoble-Isere companies and their business. Its detailed data should enable you to understand and analyse the main economic changes that have marked the area over the last 30 years.

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