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06 Nov
1st International Workshop on “Electrical detection of molecules using 0D, 1D and 2D semi-conducting nanomaterials : Applications to Health, Environment and Security” 06 - 07 November

Label-free electrical detection of biological molecules has been a long-standing goal in medical and environmental diagnostics. Nanostructures and Nanostructured semi-conducting materials have the potential to make a breakthrough in the field. Some issues remain concerning the sensitivity, specificity, reliability of the detection as well as the robustness and integration of the sensors in the existing CMOS technology. This workshop will bring together the main players at the international level to communicate and discuss the latest advances and issues of manufacturing such nano-sensors

11 Nov
High Level Forum 2018 11 - 14 November

The theme of the HIGH LEVEL FORUM 2018 will be:


This theme will be worked through two plenary sessions and workshops, addressing the Challenges of Infrastructure projects, the contribution of Innovation Ecosystems to Infrastructure initiatives, the Infrastructures for the Cities of the Future and the Infrastructures for an efficient transfer of Innovation from Research to Industry.

Other parts of the Program will leave opportunities for enjoying relaxing times, discovering the hosting ecosystem of Grenoble and networking between delegations and organizations.