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20 Mar
European Soft Matter Infrastructure (ESMI) 20 March

The European Soft Matter Infrastructure (ESMI) is a top level interdisciplinary research infrastructure provided by a network of 19 academic and industrial institutions that is available to all European soft matter scientists. It offers, free of charge, access to an experimental infrastructure (including a wide range of instrumentation such as scattering, imaging and spectroscopy), a synthesis platform (for nanoparticles and polymers) and a supercomputing infrastructure. The availability of such an infrastructure provides soft matter scientists with a broad choice of techniques to address their scientific objectives. It thus assures that European scientists have a world class collaborative capability for their frontier research. ESMI strongly contributes to a fundamental understanding, allowing the development of new, tailored smart materials. In this talk I will show several science cases studied using some of the techniques at the Division of Physical Chemistry (Lund University), which are available to all ESMI users. In addition I will highlight other relevant experimental infrastructure present at top class laboratories across Europe and that are also accessible via ESMI. At the end of the presentation I will detail the steps to follow in order to submit a proposal and the advantages of this proposal system (i.e. no submission deadline, short waiting time from submission to acceptance...).
Lieu : ILL, Grenoble

07 Apr

Location: Amphithéatre LPSC, 53 rue des Martyrs, 38026 Grenoble Cedex
The purpose of this series of workshops is to enable exchanges between theoretical physicists working in various fields. During this day, two topics will be addressed :
Astrophysics (resp. : Jonathan Ferreira, IPAG) 
Complex Systems (resp. : Eric Bertin, LIPhy) Furthermore, there will be a round table discussion on future CPTGA activities. All physicists, theorists and experimentalists, are welcome. The talks will be given in English. The program on the website is preliminary. It will be completed as information becomes available.
Registration mandatory here

23 Apr
Mountain Planet 23 - 25 April

International moutain development fair.

Mountain Planet is a professional trade show for players dealing with mountain industry : federations  and professional unions, inter-community structures, tourist offices, communication and marketing services companies,  ski resorts operating companies, local authorities, business consulting, research and funding companies.

11 May
QENS/WINS 2014 11 - 16 May

QENS2014 aims to highlight topical scientific activities in the investigation of the dynamics of matter using quasi-elastic neutron scattering and to envision new applications. For neutron users it is the ideal showcase for their research. Newcomers will get a good overview over the scientific potential via contact with experts in the field. The conference program will take account of the increasing need for computer simulation and for theory support in data interpretation and will place QENS in the context of complementary techniques. WINS2014 The aim of the workshop is to overview recent developments, forthcoming projects and practice of inelastic & quasi-elastic neutron spectrometers. Related issues such as development of data analysis software, auxiliary devices and outlook for future scientific efforts will be also of concern. We will put a particular focus on comparison of dynamics in single crystals investigated using TAS and T-o-F.

11 Jun
ANR MECANIX meeting 2014 Open Workshop 11 June

This project is aimed at a deeper understanding of the mechanical properties of single nanostructures and the influence of size effects on the material properties.

12 Jun
Inosport 12 June

A unique event in France dedicated to sports and innovation.

Inosport is an intensive one-day event dedicated to innovation in sports, recreation, health and well-being.

This event takes place every year mid-June at Domaine de la Brunerie – Voiron (Grenoble-Isère) – with the following main highlights:

    • business meetings, organised in advance using a dedicated inscription platform,

    • the showroom is open to visitor all day long, where all the products that are candidated for the Inosport Awards are showcased,
    • Inosport Awards Ceremony, with Sporaltec,

13 Jun
Lexical scales for better text understanding by Christiane Fellbaum, Princeton University 13 June

The lexical database WordNet supports many NLP applications, including machine translation and sentiment  analysis. Its main appeal lies in its graph structure, which links semantically related words to one another, thus enabling word sense discrimination and disambiguation.

19 Jun
French American Workshop 2014 19 - 20 June More…
25 Jun
Leti Days 25 - 26 June

For this event, Leti will present its activities through the prism of the “Internet of Things, from sensors to zero power.”

27 Jun
27 June
30 Jun
PRIME 2014 : 10th Conference on Ph. D. Research in Microelectronics and Electronics 30 June - 03 July

PRIME conference is dedicated to Ph. D. students who have to present all regular papers. All papers presented at PRIME will be published in the IEEE Xplore® giving a large audience to the event.

04 Jul
Prof James Morris - Distinguished Lecture - Nanopackaging 04 July

Nanopackaging : Nanotechnologies for Microelectronics Packaging & System Integration

by James Morris, IEEE Fellow et IEEE CPMT Distinguished Lecturer, Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Portland State Univ.

Site: de 8h30 – 12h00 à Minatec – Grenoble

To register (free): gilles.poupon@cea.fr

Limited places availables.




07 Jul
SCES‘14, International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems 07 - 11 July

International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems.
SCES 2014 will be held in Grenoble at the University Campus in Saint Martin d’Hères. Following the long history and continuity of SCES the conference in Grenoble will cover a wide range of subjects in the diverse field of strongly correlated electron systems. SCES emphasizes the fundamental physics of strongly correlated electron systems that span from bulk materials including f-electron based heavy fermions, d-electron based compounds, and organic materials to artificial materials such as nanoscale structures as well as cold atoms in optical lattices.

07 Jul
WOLTE 2014 : 11th International Workshop On Low Temperatures Electronics 07 - 09 July

The International Workshop on Low Temperature Electronics (WOLTE) is a biannual conference devoted to the presentation and exchange of the most recent advances in the field of low temperature electronics and its applications. This international forum is open to everyone in the field.

29 Sep
High Level Forum 29 - 30 September

This event will gather together key actors from Stanford, Pasadena, North Carolina, Atlanta, Argonne, Montreal, Tsukuba, Daejeon, Singapore, Hsinchu, Haïfa, Dresden, Munich, Warsaw, Oxford, Lausanne, Milano-Torino, Grenoble.