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01 Oct
01 October
06 Oct
CRM InnoNet Workshop 06 October

Substitution of Critical Raw Materials – Importance for European Electronics Industry Workshop

Recognizing the potential problems that resource scarcity poses EU industry, the European Commission funded CRM_InnoNet to drive progress in the field of substitution of critical raw materials.

This FREE workshop will provide participants with a presentation of the CRM_InnoNet project and ask participants for their input on the strategies for substitution of critical raw materials, particularly as it relates to the electronics industry.

Location: Alpexpo Conference Center, Grenoble, France (Salle Chartreuse)

From 12:30 am to 5:30 pm

07 Oct
Semicon Europa 2014 07 - 09 October

Innovation for Industry
Based on the intention to significantly increase the global semiconductor manufacturing share by public/private investment plans throughout Europe, SEMI has decided to rotate SEMICON Europe between the two largest semiconductor R&D and manufacturing clusters in Europe, namely Dresden and Grenoble. Consequently, SEMICON Europa 2014 will be held on October, 7-9 in Grenoble and return to Dresden in 2015.

29 Oct
International Pulp Bleaching Conference (IPBC) 29 - 31 October

This conference is dedicated to all chemical and process aspects of chemical pulps bleaching. It now takes place every third year and is the most important conference in this area. The selection of the presentations is made by the scientific committee composed of renowned international experts in the field.

06 Nov
Workshop "Internet of Things" 06 - 07 November

The project -Future Internet of Things (FIT) – is one of 52 winning projects from the first wave of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research’s “Équipements d’Excellence” (Equipex) research grant programme. In this context, a Workshop is organized on the Internet of Things and experimental platforms IoT.
This workshop has the dual purpose by allowing exchanges on research around the Internet of Things and presenting talks and tutorials on various topics on the IoT domain. It specifically target experimentation through testing, verification, deployment, integration, management and federation of experimental platforms.

14 Nov
2nd 'Graphene in Grenoble' workshop 14 November

Whereas various projects such as the large "Graphene Flagship" are ongoing, it is crucial for our local community to raise its voice and improve its visibility at both national and European scales. Grenoble holds a unique position in France, and warrants a role to play in Graphene research in view of the numerous scientific results already obtained and recognised internationally.

Opening talk by Konstantin NOVOSELOV (University of Manchester), Laureate - with Andre GEIM - of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics

18 Nov
Nanosafe Conference 2014 18 - 20 November

Fourth International conference on safe production and lise of nanomaterials. New applications, exposure, detection, toxicology, environmental, interactions, nanomaterial release, industrial production and prevention, LCA, regulation, commercial aquipement, risk management, nanoresponsible development.