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28 Sep
Silicon based quantum information in Grenoble : status and perspectives 28 September

This meeting intends to present the latest achievements in the field of Si based quantum information and to show how Grenoble could become a global player within this research field by gathering available forces on-site and by benefitting from well-established semi-industrial nanofabrication.

05 Oct
Workshop on Topological Spintronics & Skyrmionics 05 - 07 October

Spintronics explores phenomena intertwining electronic charge and spin. The ability of spintronics to re-energize itself in directions that germinate new subfields has made it one of the most fertile grounds for basic research aimed at future applications.

04 Nov
IoT Planet 04 - 05 November

loT Planet is a two-day International Forum for Professionals on the Internet Of Things.
The event will be held at the "Alpes Congrès" center in Grenoble (France)

Anyone excited by IoT who wants:
- to know the latest developments of IoT, from Business, Applications, Service & Technology perspective
- to be inspired by world-class Experts from sensors, data management, systems and applications
- to understand the latest market trends
- to catch business opportunities, to network and meet with key IoT Players

300+ attendees are expected: Experts, Executives and Key Actors from WW IoT industry

16 Nov
The First African Light Source Conference and Workshop 16 - 20 November
  1. Scientific Conference Session - Presentations of African work at Light Sources and presentations of highlights and status globally. The Workshop will be able to review the status of the African User Base at international light sources.
  2. Strategy / Policy Part  Workshop Session- Discussions on the Roadmap for Africa
  3. Election and Founding of the new, fully mandated Steering Committee for the African Light Source.  The Interim Committee will dissolve itself as the Steering Committee for the African Light Source is born.
03 Dec
03 December
07 Dec
European NanoMedecine Meeting 07 - 09 December


Nanocarriers for Macromolecule Delivery
Keywords: Nucleic acids, proteins, peptides delivery, immune system potentialisation or activation, immune system cells targeting

Nano and Micro-Medical Devices
Keywords: Medical devices, nanodevices for drug delivery, nanosensors, methods of obtention

Nanomedicine for Tissue Regeneration
Keywords: 3D-tissue printing, nanodevices adhesive, sealants, applications, cell encapsulation and conservation, scaffold for cell grafting

Nanospecific Toxicological issues
Keywords: Nanoparticles and toxicology, specific methods developped for nanomedicine toxicity,validation of methods and convention on basic tests: in vitro, complement activation and acute toxicity.

Nanomedicine and Imaging
Keywords: Nanosystems (nanoparticles, macromolecules..) to detect, diagnose, or deliver. Targeted nanosystems. Nanoassemblies with Induced delivery under imaging, image-guided therapy

Nanomedicine in Cancer
Session is co-organized with the Canceropoles CLARA and Grand South West
Keywords: Nanosystems (nanoparticles, macromolecules..) to treat tumors. Targeted nanosystems.
Nanoassemblies with Induced delivery under various stimuli.

16 Dec
Physics & NanoElectronics 2015 16 December

New computing paradigms & low power consumption in Microelectronics

The optimization of future computers requires a trade-off between power consumption and performance. What will be the impact of new devices and new computing paradigms (quantum, adiabatic, neuromorphic…) ? What are the actual physical limitations of both power consumption and speed in logical circuits ?

These issues will be presented and discussed in a first event of a regular Grenoble series of Workshops at the frontier between physics and nanoelectronics.

This Workshop will gather reckoned experts from Grenoble area and outside, and is aimed to provide a pedagogical introduction (through tutorials and seminars) to some of the most important issues shared both by the microelectronics and physics communities