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May 2018

23 May
Watify Matchmaking Event On Metal 3D Printing 23 - 24 May

The objective of the matchmaking event is to facilitate inter-regional / cross-border cooperation between regional public and private sector actors in the development of joint initiatives /partnerships or joint demonstration projects in Metal 3D Printing – matching S3 priorities and exploiting identified synergies and complementary resources and strengths.

24 May
International Workshop on Particle Physics at Neutron Sources 24 - 26 May

Participants are cordially invited to present both experimental and theoretical developments on:

  • Properties of the Neutron
  • Fundamental Symmetries and Interactions
  • Hadronic Parity Violation
  • Search for eV-Neutrinos
  • Gravity Tests in the quantum regime
  • New Techniques and Ideas
30 May
Venture 5i 30 - 31 May

– Identify top 20+ high-growth venture-backed regional companies from investors active in Europe
– Introduce them to key European investors and professionals who can assist in their global expansion.