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Enjoy life

From outdoor activities to sports and the arts, Grenoble-Isère is as great a place to play as it is to work

Get to know the area’s arts, culture, and history

From historic sites like la Bastille, Grenoble’s hilltop fortifications, to more epicurean pleasure like Grenoble’s traditional walnuts and famed Chartreuse liqueur, the area has a broad slate of arts, culture, and history on offer. 

Discover local traditions, history and the arts and get to know some of the more surprising facets of Grenoble-Isère.

More about local traditions, history and the arts

“ I feel that any foreign investor that comes to Grenoble and that loves the arts will be pleased with the particularly active local scene. All of these things come together to make Grenoble’s arts and cultural scene truly unique. ”

Guy TOSATTO - Director, Grenoble Museum of Art

Isère’s not-to-be missed places of interest

Grenoble-Isère is home to 80 museums, around 30 theaters and other performing-arts venues, not to mention archaeological sites and chateaus. There’s someplace to go and something to see year round.

Some of the area’s not-to-be missed sites of interest include the Choranche caves near Grenoble, the Château de Vizille, which played an important role in the French Revolution, the recently-renovated Stendhal Museum housed in the apartment where the writer was born, and the city’s fine art museum—one of France’s best—, Musée de Grenoble.  

View photos and videos of the area’s attractions: www.isere-tourism.com

French gastronomy is alive and well in Grenoble-Isère

France’s legendary gastronomy needs no introduction. And Grenoble-Isère has contributed a host of traditional and artisanal products that have earned a reputation for excellence worldwide—Chartreuse liqueur, Grenoble’s famed walnuts, and Saint-Marcellin, a soft, delicate, cow’s-milk cheese, to name just a few.

More: www.isere-tourism.com

Jazz à Vienne jazz festival

Every summer the city of Vienne and its antique theater roll out the red carpet for some of the world’s premier jazz musicians. The 2013 edition of the festival brought in 7,000 jazz enthusiasts.

The festival’s mission is to expose people from all walks of life to jazz. 

More: www.jazzavienne.com

City tours: Grenoble and Vienne

Isère’s major cities—Grenoble and Vienne—are great places to visit. Whether you plan to just walk around for a few hours or settle in for a longer stay, you’ll find museums, historic monuments, and many other sites of interest worth a look.

More: www.grenoble-tourism.com