Invest in Grenoble-Isère

Invest in Grenoble-Isère

Do business in the world’s 5th most inventive city

Grenoble-Isère, France's most inventive Departement

Forbes magazine placed Grenoble among the world’s top centers for innovation, alongside cities like Eindhoven (NL), San Diego and San Francisco, CA (United States), and Malmö (Sweden).

Grenoble-Isère is home to groundbreaking research in information and communication technologies, the energy transition, and healthcare—and our local stakeholders are committed to working together to develop solutions to society’s future challenges in these crucial fields.

Our unique collaborative ecosystem—built on a century-long tradition of cooperation—has now earned recognition worldwide as a model for innovation. 


“I like to remind my Paris-based friends that France's hardware and connected object capital isn't Paris-it's Grenoble.”


France’s highest concentration of R&D jobs

Grenoble-Isère is home to 25,000 R&D jobs at:

And, with 939 patent applications filed in 2015, Grenoble-Isère is one of the most innovative places in France.

Grenoble’s collaborative innovation ecosystem

With historic synergies between education, research, and industry.

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World-leading clusters

Grenoble’s collaborative ecosystem has given rise to several world-leading clusters that further accelerate the innovation process.

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Proven systems to get innovations to market faster

Grenoble is home to proven expertise in technology transfer, to transform ideas into products and get innovations from the lab to the factory faster.

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