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Innovation platforms and industrial parks

Industrial parks

Grenoble-Isère is home to 540 hectares of industrial parks built specifically for the chemical and environmental industries: Roches-Roussillon Chemical Park, Grenoble Chemical Park, Jarrie Chemical Park, and the Salaise-Sablons Industrial and Port Complex. These facilities stand out for their groundbreaking industrial ecology practices. 

The Salaise-Sablons Industrial and Port Complex

The Salaise-Sablons Industrial and Port Complex

Located in the Rhône Valley, the Salaise-Sablons Industrial and Port Complex offers substantial growth potential for:

  • Sustainable energy and sustainable technology companies
  • Renewable materials companies
  • Smart energy distribution companies
  • High-tech chemicals companies and R&D
  • SMBs with an international scope

Facilities and availability:

  • 330 hectares; 170 hectares still available
  • One of the largest industrial parks in Isère 
  • Innovative multimodal transportation infrastructures and services on strategic river, rail, and road routes near Lyon, Valence, St. Etienne, and Grenoble
  • A diverse industrial environment with 900 jobs on-site 
  • A groundbreaking environmental strategy to integrate the site into the surrounding landscape and create a circular economy in which park tenants buy and sell energy and raw materials from each other and the nearby Roches-Roussillon Chemical Park
Roches-Roussillon Chemical Park

Roches-Roussillon Chemical Park

This chemical park, located between Lyon and Valence, is Seveso-compliant and offers growth opportunities for companies in the phenol, sulfur, phosphate, methionine, and silicone intermediaries businesses.


Facilities and availability:

  • 150 hectares total; 50 hectares still available
  • 16 businesses for 1,400 direct jobs and 4,000 indirect jobs
  • €93 million invested in 2012
  • A single point of contact for a range of chemical-industry services: Osiris provides tenants of the park with a selection of technical and administrative support services
  • Reliable, affordable on-site utilities and process gases and fluids: electricity, nitrogen, compressed air, hydrogen, acetylene, natural gas, propylene, water
  • Shared industrial services: security, safety, environmental, occupational health, logistics, maintenance, lab testing
  • Multimodal transportation infrastructure with links to road, rail, and river  
Grenoble Chemical Park

Grenoble Chemical Park

Located in the southern Grenoble Metro Area, Grenoble Chemical Park is France’s only phosgene manufacturing site, offering growth opportunities for companies in the chemical industry.


Facilities and availability:

  • 124 hectares total; 30 hectares still available, including 80 meter x 80 meter lots for property development projects
  • A Seveso “high threshold” site
  • 800 direct jobs and 2,400 indirect jobs; 1 million tons of product processed and €100 million in investment in 2011
  • Direct rail connection
  • Process gases and fluids available at the pipe: steam, nitrogen, compressed air, chlorine, hydrogen, phosgene
  • A chlorine incinerator (for waste liquid and gas) and a co-generation plant (electricity) operated by Solvay Energy Services
  • Substantial safety and environmental facilities, including an on-site fire and rescue team and a 40,000 sq. m. retention tank
  • Industrial services: engineering, chemical engineering, new construction, maintenance, logistics, customs
Jarrie Chemical Park

Jarrie Chemical Park

A Seveso “high threshold” site in the southern Grenoble Metro area.

Facilities and availability:

  • 100 hectares; 25 hectares still available
  • Products manufactured on site include: hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, caustic soda, bleach, methyl chloride, zirconium, sapphire and ruby monocrystals, and sapphire microbeads
  • 1,000 direct jobs
  • More than €90 million invested in 2011
  • Direct rail connection
  • On-site utilities and industrial services: energy and services provided by Air Liquide; energy optimization by Solvay Energy Services; industrial waste incineration by Sita Rekem


Innovation platforms

The TekLiCell and Provademse innovation platforms facilitate the transfer of new technologies to industry.



The TekLiCell platform possesses equipment used to validate new technologies for transfer to industry. The platform can be used by businesses specializing in the following fields:

  • Smart paper
  • Innovative printing techniques
  • Biomaterials
  • Bioenergy
  • Bioprocesses
More about TekLiCell


The Provademse platform, which is new, supports the transfer of technologies developed via R&D partnerships in the following fields:

  • Local alternative energy sources
  • Environmental conservation and remediation (water, soil, and sediments)
  • Local and industrial ecology
  • New mineral resources for civil engineering
  • Ecotechnology (solid, liquid, and gas waste)

Users of the platform benefit from the expertise of a scientific and industrial community spanning the entire Rhône-Alpes region and offering specific know-how in ecotechnologies. Research partners include (Grenoble University’s Joseph Fourier School, Grenoble Institute of Technology, INSA Lyon, ENTPE, BRGM, CSTB, ENSMSE, CNRS, and UCBL).

They can also use shared thermal and physico-chemical treatment, biofiltration, gasification, and methanization testing equipment.

More about Provadesme
Publication on the sector

Publication on the sector

To know more about Chemical and environmental technologies, please download our publications of the sector (pdf)