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Grenoble Isere Report

Grenoble-Isere Report" was a quarterly magazine targeting an international readership. It centered on an in-depth case study, focusing on a specific sector of activity, but also featured key events, opening with an interview with a key player in the Grenoble-Isere economy. See the archived issues below.

Today, you can find the latest information in our newsletter, Grenoble-Isere News.



  • GIR no 62 November 2013
    •  Interview: Nicolas Leterrier, VP Innovation, Schneider Electric

    • Feature: Smart cities need smart citizens

  • GIR no 61 February 2013
    • Interview: Xavier Vigor, CEO, Air Liquide Advanced Technologies

    • Feature: Hydrogen boasts a bright future in clean energy—especially in Grenoble-Isère


  • GIR no 60 - December 2012
    • Interview: Geneviève Fioraso, French Minister of Higher Education and Research

    • Feature: Innovation: There’s more to Grenoble-Isère than meets the eye

  • GIR no 59 June 2012
    • Interview: Virginie Pevere, Axelera, at the crossroads of chemistry and the environment

    • Feature: Chemical industry continues to prosper in Grenoble-Isère

  • GIR no 58 - March 2012
    • Interview: Paul de Groot, Trixell leads the way digital X-ray imaging

    • Feature: Technological convergence drives new advances in healthcare


  • GIR no 57 - October 2011
    • Interview: Eric Lépine, Caterpillar celebrates 50 years in Grenoble-Isère with a $50 million investment

    • Feature: Investment in industry stronger than ever in Grenoble-Isère

  • GIR no 56 - July 2011
    • Interview: Jez Wain, Unix Systems Infrastructure Architect, Bull, Grenoble

    • Feature: IT is coming up green in Grenoble-Isère

  • GIR no 55 - April 2011
    • Interview: Michel Cornu, Logistics Director, France and Italy, Schneider Electric

    • Feature: Building the future of logistics in Grenoble-Isère


  • GIR no 54 November 2010
    • Interview: Dan Arvizu, Director and Chief Excecutive of the US Department of Energy (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

    • Feature: Grenoble-Isère, where partnership is second nature

  • GIR no 53 June 2010
    • Interview: Claude Ricaud, Senior Vice President, Power Innovation at Schneider Electric

    • Feature: Grenoble-Isere climbs aboard the electric vehicule

  • GIR no 52 March 2010
    • Interview: Yassine Lakhnech, PILSI scientific coordinator

    • Feature: What's new in software technology in Grenoble-Isere?