Invest in Grenoble-Isère

Invest in Grenoble-Isère

Do business in the world’s 5th most inventive city

One of Europe’s leading centers for IT and software

  • A hub for R&D in hardware-software convergence and the Internet of Things
  • One-fourth of jobs in R&D (public and private sectors combined)
  • A high-quality workforce: “One of the largest pools of talented engineers anywhere” Parker Harris,’s cofounder
  • FrenchTech in the Alps: digital dynamic ecosystem recognized as part of the French Tech initiative

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Key Industry figures

Digital Grenoble

French Tech in the Alps, un écosystème numérique dynamique -

Industry stakeholders

Grenoble-Isère his home to leading digital services companies, innovative start-ups, major public- and private-sector R&D centers, and top-tier universities—all sources of competitive advantage for businesses that choose to set up shop here.

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Networks like Institut Carnot LSI and GRILOG provide a forum for IT-industry stakeholders to network, identify synergies, innovate, and respond effectively to the needs of manufacturers.

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Minalogic’s members specialize in smart miniaturized systems, with applications spanning healthcare, the environmental industry, energy, mobility, connectivity, imaging, and any other industry that integrates electronic components into its finished products.

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