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06 November 2017

Grenoble highlights smart solutions from the French Alps

Smart City Expo Barcelone (14-16th Novembrer 2017): Invest in Grenoble-Isère, France-AEPI will be there on the booth A103 to promote Grenoble's City, together with 7 companies (Actoll, BH-Technologies, eLichens, Hikob, Lumiplan, Oizom and Short Edition) and a research laboratory (CEA-Leti), and two clusters: Minalogic and Tenerrdis.


Please have a look to the description of the co-exhibitors.


We’d be happy to welcome you on the booth, for the cocktail and/or visit our demos and schedule a meeting.


Grenoble has launched several large projects to improve the living conditions of its inhabitants, towards energy transition and to develop the attractiveness of the region.


The Grenoble area pilots a smart city strategy that allows the technologies developed in the area to be deployed for the use of citizens, to improve quality of life in order to combat climate change, to improve air quality with the objective to create a connected, carbon neutral and collaborative city area.


We are here to present investment opportunities in the area in the smart city field. For example, urban development, energy, transport, citizen implication, open data.