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29 October 2014

New publication: Local MedTech industry in excellent shape

Grenoble-Isère, an international hub for micro- and nanotechnology and software, is the ideal location for companies seeking to carve out a position in the rapidly-growing medtech industry.

The  area  is  home  to  some  of  the  world’s  best  research  centers.  The  local  innovation  ecosystem  has  attracted leading  multinationals  and  has  spurred  the  creation  of  a  growing  cohort  of  start-ups.  Local  organizations,  including Medic@lps,  Tasda,  and  the  Minalogic  and  Lyonbiopôle  clusters  are  also  active  participants  in  the  medtech  industry, providing a range of services to support innovation, from training through R&D project engineering and help securing financing.


Some of the assets of this field:

  • Industry heavyweights such as GE Healthcare, Becton Dickinson, Roche Diagnostics, and Covidien—four of the global medtech industry “big ten”—have  set  up  operations  in  Grenoble-Isère.
  • €300M invested over the past decade in project like Clinatec and Nanobio
  • Grenoble-Isère is a pioneer in computer-assisted medicine and surgery
  • A Center of Clinical Investigation dedicated to technological investigation in the Grenoble University Hospital Center


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