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19 December 2016

10 successful years for Biopolis

Biopolis, Grenoble Alpes University’s incubator and business center for biotech and health technology, has hosted 22 projects in the last ten years. It now unites two biotech-healthcare sector associations and 16 companies and startups engaged in a variety of activities, such as computer-assisted surgery, cancer drugs, chemical synthesis of active molecules, the design of augmented medical intervention systems, and drug assessment solutions for the treatment of central nervous system disorders.


The 10th anniversary is the occasion for the sector stakeholders to show their commitment to making Grenoble, the Alpine capital, a European-scale Medtech City by taking an active part in the “Age in good health and stay active” KIC (Knowledge Innovation Community), and by participating in two new projects: the Integrative Health Research Center (CReSI) led by Grenoble Alpes University and “Medtech City” led by the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital.


MedTech or Biotech start-ups looking for a place to grow, contact: Adeline Ciccollela – a.ciccollela@grenoble-isere.com