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01 February 2018

Actoll to implement its solutions

On Réunion Island, Actoll and Urban System won their bid to renew the CAP’RUN ticketing system. CAP’RUN runs Car Jaune, the island’s interurban transportation network. The bid includes an agreement to outfit almost 100 buses as well as a bus station and other network locations with the T-SMART solution. A test location was implemented in February 2018 before widespread implementation in March. The T-SMART solution uses contactless cards for regular regular riders and QR coded tickets for riders who travel occasionally. Riders will have the ability to purchase their tickets via a smartphone application as well as renew their travel passes via the Car Jaune website.


Actoll also recently developed a “connected basket” for the collection of donations by the Paris diocese. The Saint-François de Molitor Church in Paris is currently testing the solution. If the test is conclusive, the solution will be implemented in other churches as part of the diocese’s plan to anticipate the disappearance of change.