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08 February 2018

Aledia raises 30 million euros

Intel Capital joined with the majority of Aledia’s previous investors to help the company raise 30 million euros (36 million dollars). The additional funds will enable Aledia to accelerate the development of its technology thanks, in particular, to the acquisition of strategic equipment. This round of financing as well as the launch of a collaboration with Intel illustrates the high potential of Aledia’s 3D LED technology, which uses silicon microwires.


The company developed a completely new generation of LEDs, which are manufactured using large diameter silicon substrates and designed to be used with mobile display systems. This technology aims to optimize the energy efficiency of mobile displays while providing greater luminosity and simplifying production at reasonable costs. The technology is also perfectly compatible with electronic components.


Aledia is partnered with several major industrial players in order to work on the future of display systems. While the company is particularly interested in current, large-sized displays (e.g., smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.), it is also looking at new applications such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality, or smartwatches that integrate silicon chips with megapixels.