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24 January 2018

Apix Analytics raises 8 million euros

APIX Analytics is a supplier for a new generation of miniaturized gas analyzers. The company successfully increased its capital by eight million euros thanks to support from its previous investors as well as two new investors: Fonds Ecotechnologies, managed by Bpifrance, and Fonds BNP Parisbas Développement. The company’s new capital will enable it to accelerate the international commercialization of its products and services for the energy market. The company will continue to build on recent successes in Europe, China, and the U.S.


APIX Analytics recently inaugurated its Beijing office and is planning to set up a subsidiary in the U.S. beginning 2018. Founded by a Franco-American team, the company develops and sells miniaturized gas analyzers that rely on disruptive technology to provide solutions for industrial and environmental applications (process follow-up, gas quality measurements, petrochemical processes, pollution, volatile organic emissions, etc.). Built on the research work carried out by the CEA/Leti in Grenoble and the California Institute of Technology, the company’s products provide unique benefits and performance thanks to disruptive detection technology and a simple plug & play set up.