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21 February 2017

Cap Sud raises €14 million

Cap Sud raised €14 million thanks to funding from Hyperia Finance, a subsidiary of Caisse d’Épargne, and Bpifrance. This investment will fund 10 MW worth of photovoltaic projects, and in particular, projects aimed at agricultural sectors. Cap Sud is specialized in renewable energies. The company’s photovoltaic solutions contribute to the French renewable energy market and provide two advantages for users. First, photovoltaic users can benefit from added revenue by renting out their photovoltaic roofing. Second, they can lower the cost of constructing a warehouse by installing photovoltaic panels on the roof.


For the past ten years, Cap Sud has worked to innovate in the field of autonomous energy. The company recently invested €200,000 to equip its own 900 m²  office space with a renewable energy solution that covers the needs of its 43 employees. Cap Sud developed the Autonomous Life Tree Electric System (ALTES), which is a photovoltaic tree that provides numerous services such as solar energy production, storage of excess electricity and internet access. ALTES can also produce drinkable water by collecting humidity found in surrounding air.