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09 November 2017

Hydrao makes a splash in Singapore

Singapore has decided to equip 10,000 homes with connected showerheads developed by Hydrao. This City-State, which has the highest population density in the world, is particularly concerned about its inhabitants’ water usage. Singapore is also positioned as a Smart Nation, willing to use new technologies such as digital to help meet the challenges ahead. Hydrao answers this wish to save water and energy in an enjoyable, educational and eco-friendly way. Thanks to an integrated LED system, the showerhead lights up the water spray in different colors according to the amount of water used. With the HYDRAO Smart Shower application, users can choose their usage thresholds and colors. They can also monitor their usage and see water and energy savings made.


Hydrao devices are already in service in 500 apartments in Grenoble and youth hostels in California, and are attracting interest from water management companies in the UK.