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08 January 2018

IMACTIS raises 3 million euros

IMACTIS is a medical technology company that develops innovative solutions in the field of interventional radiology. In order to accelerate its development the company garnered support from M Capital Partners, BNP Paribas Développement, Crédit Agricole Alpes Développement, Crédit Agricole Création, Medevice and BizMedTech as well as its founders and business angels. The financing round had two goals: to continue the company’s European development and to launch its development in the U.S. market after receiving FDA approval.


The IMACTIS system provides innovative solutions for tumor ablations, biopsies, vertebroplasties, infiltrations and drainages. The technology helps expand the capacities of interventional radiology, in particular for oncology. The system improves accuracy and safety, facilitates complex procedures, reduces operation length, decreases the number of controls, and as a result, improves patient treatment. Two thousand procedures have already been carried out at 20 European hospitals and anticancer centers that use the IMACTIS system.