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30 January 2017

ISS EUROPE, 5-7 March, 2017


AEPI – Invest in Grenoble-Isere, France, a long term committed partner and sponsor of the ISS Europe conference



ISS Europe is the leading strategy conference addressing the issues and roadmap of semiconductor industry, gathering industrial, political and scientific leaders in order to confront their insights and ideas to fully exploit the opportunities that come with the digital revolution.


With a combination of inspiring presentations, unparalleled networking amongst senior industry leaders, ISS Europe provides participants with an environment to help stimulate ideas and strategies to take advantage of the opportunities that are rapidly developing in our industry. 


The symposium will provide practical insight into the applications now driving the development of our industry and how all the key links in the value chain can and must work together to create and maintain industrial leadership. It will address the fundamental technology development that must occur to enable this leadership. Finally, it will provide information as to what this means to the markets that the industry serves – markets that are being revolutionized as the digital economy develops.


It is thus a strategic event for AEPI, who has been part of the promotion and development of Grenoble microelectronics ecosystem from the very start, to support and participate into this conference.