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27 February 2018

Medtronic capitalises on 70 years of production in Isère

The Pont-de-Claix Medtronic production site near Grenoble is one of the world leaders for the manufacturing of surgical needles. The site produces 130 million units every year, using 20 tons of stainless steel—a production rate that is equivalent to four needles per second. The entire production is sent to Medtronic assembly factories in the Dominican Republic, the U.S. and Brazil before being exported to 120 countries. The 225 employees of the Isère manufacturing location continue to be an essential link in this production line thanks to their unique know-how. This manufacturing process requires new employees to learn by watching gestures in person and practicing over a long period of time using machines that are designed and built specifically for them.


With 70 years of experience serving patients and healthcare professionals worldwide, the factory in Isère is planning on reinforcing its sustainability in the local ecosystem in order to meet growing demand from the global market.