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05 December 2016

More than 22 million euros raised by MedTech in Grenoble-Isère

Grenoble-Isère leads innovation in the MedTech sector

Grenoble, November 24th, 2016 – UROMEMS, Aryballe Technologies, Surgivisio, Ecrins Therapeutics… major fundraising in recent weeks by Grenoble-Isère MedTech startups illustrates the vitality of the MedTech sector, supported by Invest in Grenoble-Isère, France – AEPI and the Medicalps cluster.

Medical technologies have the wind in their sails these days in Grenoble-Isère, where two innovative startups announced fundraising results in November. UROMEMS, a developer of implantable medical devices for urology, closed a 14 million euro financing round with €12 million from a pool of investors (Wellington Partners, Bpifrance, CEA Investissement and b-to-v Partners AG), plus another €2 million from the Worldwide Innovation Challenge. The funds will go towards finalizing the development of an “active artificial urinary sphincter” to improve the everyday comfort of people suffering from incontinence.

Another fundraiser, Aryballe Technologies, is a company that designs olfactory sensors. The Japanese Asahi Kasei Group invested €500,000, raising the startup’s share capital to €3.1 million. This followed a first round in June which raised €2.6 million from the Innovacom fund.

Thirteen Grenoble-Isère projects win Worldwide Innovation Challenge awards

Since early 2016, other Grenoble healthcare companies have also been attracting investor interest. They include Surgivisio (surgical navigation / €3 million), Ecrin Therapeutics (oncology / €560,000), BGene Genetics (biotech / €360,000), Fluoptics (medical imaging / €530,000) and Sublimed (pain treatment / €700,000).

The attractiveness of Grenoble startups is evidence of the Grenoble-Isère MedTech sector’s capacity for innovation. MedTech in Grenoble-Isère comprises 140 companies, including world leaders such as Roche Diagnostics, BD, BioMérieux and Fresenius, along with a host of startups, representing, in all, more than 10,000 jobs. The sector is backboned by a multidisciplinary scientific hub, internationally renowned for developing disruptive innovations and proposing new therapeutic approaches, from molecules to medical devices.

The sector is structured within the Medicalps hub, the lead in the French Tech in the Alps organization’s #HealthTech thematic network, and it also benefits from the longstanding support of Invest in Grenoble-Isère, France - AEPI. As a good sign of vitality, no fewer than 13 Grenoble healthcare projects — 10 of them from Medicalps members — recently won awards in the Worldwide Innovation Challenge organized by the French government to promote the development and growth of companies with the potential to deliver market-disrupting innovation.

Find out more in Medicalps announcement: http://www.medicalps.eu/2016/11/17/resultat-exceptionnel-france-cluster-medicalps-compte-10-laureats-concours-mondial-dinnovation/


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