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24 April 2017

MultiX raises €3.5 million

MultiX is a leader in the field of X-ray spectrometric imagery for airports and other non-destructive testing. Its latest funding round raised €3.5 million thanks to previous investors and two new participants (Omnes Capital and H3C, a private investor).


These additional funds will enable MultiX to launch production at its location in Moirans, Grenoble-Isère. They will also support the company’s international development. Following the deployment of its scanners across all U.S. airports, the company is now aiming to conquer the European market. MultiX also provides non-destructive testing solutions for the food and recycling industries.


Created in 2010, MultiX provides airports with detector/data acquisition systems that enable efficient baggage control while limiting costs and ensuring the comfort of passengers. In particular, MultiX technology allows passengers to continue transporting liquids during air travel.


Other non-destructive testing solutions enable clients to precisely detect unwanted substances in sectors such as the food industry.