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06 February 2018

Short Edition raises 2 million euros

The community publisher for short literature recently raised 2 million euros thanks to new investors (Chalus Chegaray family holding, Frédéric Jousset, director of the Beaux-Arts Magazine, Jean-Claude Boulet, publicist, the marketing company ADL Partner, and Francis Ford Coppola, an American film director and one of the company’s first American clients). This additional capital will enable Short Edition to develop its offer in Canada and the U.S., where the company already has several clients and is aiming to develop 20-60% of its turnover over the next three years.


Short Edition imagined and created the Short Story Dispenser, which provides users with a random printed sheet of poems or short stories that can be read in one, three or five minutes. More than 100 dispensers have already been set up throughout France and the world.