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14 February 2018

STMicroelectronics chooses FD-SOI Technology

STMicroelectronics announced its choice for Global Foundries’ FD-SOI 22nm (22FDX) technology. This choice will provide a technological platform for STmicroelectronics’ future generations of processors designed for the general public and industrial applications. FD-SOI technology offers the best compromise between digital performance, analog performance, energy consumption and cost. The group’s decision is also good news for Soitec, the FD-SOI substrate supplier that signed a contract with Global Foundries last September.


STMicroelectronics ended the year 2017 with a turnover of 8.35 billion dollars (19.7% higher than in 2016). The company expects important growth during the second semester of 2018 and is considering an investment of 1 - 1.1 billion dollars this year.