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29 February 2016

Brunet group and Ideas Laboratory develop nomad home

The Brunet group and Ideas Laboratory have developed a fully autonomous nomad home which goes by the name of ZEST [French acronym for “Zone for Social and Technological Experiments”. The project was driven by the Brunet group’s desire to create a “nomadic and modular home with as low impact as possible on the environment”. ZEST is a turnkey concept developed with the Grenoble CEA’s Ideas Laboratory. The living space is variable and the technical modules enable self-sufficiency for energy (PV panels and wind turbines), water (rainwater harvesting or condensation of water vapor in the air), telecoms and IT (integrated Box unit) and waste water treatment.The living space consists of wood, composites and insulating materials around a steel structure. The building is designed origami-style and can be assembled or dismantled in less than 48 hours.

The SME has signed a partnership agreement with the Nanolec Technology Research Institute to develop the first prototype.