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18 November 2014

CG to locate new Linky communicating electricity meter manufacturing plant to site near Grenoble, France

CG, a company of the Avantha Group, to locate new Linky communicating electricity meter manufacturing plant and 3G-PLC R&D center to site near Grenoble, France


Grenoble, France, November 18, 2014 – CG, a company of the India-based Avantha Group business conglomerate, announced today its plans to set up a new manufacturing, testing, and calibration facility in Fontaine, a suburb of Grenoble, France. The new facility will produce more than two million of the company’s ZIV-brand smart communicating electricity meters per year. CG, led by Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Laurent Demortier, boasts more than 16,000 employees worldwide.


CG chose to locate its new facility near Grenoble to meet demand in France for Linky smart meters and provide local support for its customer ERDF, the division of major French utility EDF responsible for rolling out some 35 million of the smart meters by 2021. CG has already won an initial contract with ERDF, making it one of six suppliers to manufacture the first three million Linky meters to be installed in France by mid-2015.


New site expected to create up to 200 direct and indirect jobs across the region once full production capacity is reached

The new CG site will be home to the company’s G3-PLC R&D center, and will be fully equipped to manufacture single- and three-phase 1G and 3G ZIV-brand Linky meters. The plant will be ready to assemble its first meters in Q2 2015. CG will create long-lasting local jobs, with up to 200 direct and indirect jobs created across the region once the plant ramps up to full capacity.

The Grenoble plant will back CG’s Spain-based plants in helping the company remain agile and responsive amid massive smart meter rollouts in France, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, and other European countries. The European smart-meter market is expected to reach up to 180 million units by 2020. And the global grid automation systems market should exceed €700 million by 2018. CG’s ZIV-brand smart meters have carved out a strategic position on the European smart-grid market, winning several key contracts in 2014.


CG’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Laurent Demortier said, “We are extremely pleased to be building this new world-class facility in Grenoble. We are also thrilled to be in France, a country known for groundbreaking academic research and cutting-edge technology. This is a major step forward, and one that aligns with CG’s ambitious plans under the Linky program. We will continue to focus our efforts on providing innovative solutions that will help make smart grids a reality. And, as a top supplier of products leveraging 3G-PLC technology, we felt that Grenoble was the right place to develop our advanced technologies and flexible solutions.”


Grenoble chosen from among ten French cities vying for the CG site

Around ten cities in France put in bids for the CG plant. The Grenoble-Isère Economic Development Agency successfully demonstrated the power of Grenoble’s innovation ecosystem and the area’s particular expertise in smart-grid technologies. The agency set up a series of meetings with key smart-grid stakeholders representing research, innovation, and manufacturing, and worked closely with CG for several months to help the company locate a suitable property, identify suppliers, and launch recruitment. “Local governments across the Greater Grenoble area are thrilled to be welcoming a world-class manufacturer like CG to the area. CG’s choice confirms Grenoble’s position as a leader in smart-grid technologies,” said Grenoble-Isère Economic Development Agency Director Joëlle Seux.


“Our people in Paris and New Delhi provided CG with support at every step of the way. In terms of size, this project is strategic for the region. It also speaks to France’s position of leadership in the field of electricity—we are the world’s second-leading country for access to high-uptime, high-quality electricity. The project highlights France as a premier location for collaborative, innovative industrial projects and positions France as an export hub for the entire Euromed zone,” said Muriel Pénicaud, President of the Invest in France Agency.


Grenoble, leading France in smart grids

CG’s decision to locate its new facility in Grenoble confirms the city’s position as France’s leading center for smart-grid technologies. Grenoble is also the birthplace of France’s first academic chair of excellence in smart grids (at Grenoble Institute of Technology), boasts some of Europe’s largest smart-grid-related research labs, serves as a large-scale smart-grid testing ground with projects like GreenLys, and is home to key stakeholders in fields like grid management, microelectronics, software, and IT. To learn more about what’s happening in smart grids in Grenoble, read the Grenoble-Isère Economic development agency 2013 industry report Smart grids for smart cities: Smart energy management.

CG will be a valuable addition to Grenoble’s smart-grid ecosystem and, in return, will benefit from numerous opportunities to partner with local smart-grid technology stakeholders to develop new solutions for more efficient grid management.


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