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30 June 2015

Grenoble-Isère Good Growth Conditions for Start-ups

With more than 50 million euros of funds recently raised by 5 Grenoble-Isère companies, the Isère area confirms its position as a good place to grow



The Isère area has clearly acknowledged assets: a young, well-educated workforce, the highest concentration of research jobs in France, an innovation ecosystem, high-performance industrial infrastructure and a rich fabric of contractors, offering especially advantageous conditions for business growth. Strong investor interest and local funders are an ideal complement to the line-up.


Grenoble, June 23rd, 2015 – In May, Invest in Grenoble-Isère, FRANCE-AEPI reaffirmed the territory’s high-level attractiveness for foreign-owned industrial enterprises. The funds recently raised by young Isère companies are further corroboration of the area’s strengths.



Good growth conditions for start-ups...

In recent weeks, four companies wound up four rounds of funding, bringing in several million euros:

  • Aledia, a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of new-generation 3D LEDs, raised €28.4 million,
  • Crocus Technology, a specialist in MLU (Magnetic Logic Unit)-based magnetic sensors and embedded memory solutions, took in €19 million,
  • Apix Analytics, which is developing and marketing a new generation of multi-gas analyzers, harvested €3.7 million for its first capital increase,
  • Squadrone Systems, manufacturer of the Hexo+ drone, raised €3 million in its first round.
  • Exagan, a start-up spun off from CEA-Léti and Soitec, innovating in gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology to produce smaller and more efficient electricity converters, came out of a first round with €5.7 million.


In addition, Multix, leader in X-ray spectrometric imaging for airport security and non-destructive inspection, completed a third round with €3 million. Multix has a research facility in Isère.



... and for SMEs as well

These ingredients, combined with the local customer market of large groups and the support of local authorities, give companies the confidence to grow, locally and globally. Three companies celebrating their 30th anniversaries this year are a good example:

  • Stiplastics (revenues €18 million) designs, develops, manufactures and markets injection-molded-based technical products and innovative devices, medical in particular. It acquired new production capacity in Isère this year, recently opening a 2300 m² building, with an investment of over €2 million.
  • Dolphin Intégration (revenues €14.9 million), expert in micro-electronic design.
  • Oros (revenues €3.8 million), recognized worldwide as a designer and manufacturer of high-end noise and vibration analyzers, as well as tailored application solutions.



"The Isère area records a large number of business creations every year (+4% in 2014), in technology in particular, and is a true breeding ground for investors. Our area has been clearly identified as an investment location and investors work closely with seed funds, business angels and local business accelerators. The full support of the local authorities also facilitates business development, including logistics, such as rapid access to land, as in the case of STIplastics, planning and land-use with, for example, a €130 million investment in the Salaise-Sablons industrial port area, and financing with the co-funding of projects, in the competitive clusters in particular," reports Joëlle Seux, AEPI Executive Director.


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