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07 July 2014

Minalogic and AEPI team up to promote effective interactions within the Grenoble ecosystem in France during this flagship event of the Micro-Nanoelectronics Industry

SEMICON West 2014

July 8-10, Moscone Center, San Francisco – European Pavilion - Booth 2028

Minalogic and AEPI team up to promote effective interactions within the Grenoble ecosystem in France during this flagship event of the Micro-Nanoelectronics Industry


Grenoble, July 7. 2014 - Minalogic, the leading French cluster dedicated to micro- and nanoelectronics and software, and AEPI, the Grenoble-Isère economic development agency, join their forces to promote the Rhône-Alpes Region during SEMICON West 2014 (booth 2028) and help visitors foster productive relationships with this very innovative territory ranked by Forbes, in 2013, as the 5th most inventive in the world.


According to AEPI 2013 fact and figures, Grenoble-Isère is internationally recognized as one of the 5 European places of reference for micro- and nano electronics with more than 25 000 professionals. Leaders as Thales Electron Devices, Thales Avionics, STMicroelectronics, Soitec, e2v, Sofradir, Ulis, Trixell, ARM, ASML, AMAT, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys, Cadence, Air Liquide Electronic Systems, Tokyo Electron, Lam Research, Atrenta, Tronics, Dolphin Integration, Radiall, Movea, 40-30, come and stay in Grenoble where they interact within a very dynamic and powerful ecosystem in order to generate even more innovative products and services.


The Grenoble-Isère region has invested more than 10 Billion Euros since 2002 in favor of the industry with major projects among which Alliance Crolles2, Minatec, Nanosmart Center (Soitec), Nano 2012 and Nanoelectronics IRT (Institute of Technological Research). In addition, the European Commission has just approved a French aid of €400 million to boost the global research project Nano 2017 led by STMicroelectronics.


Grenoble-Isère counts no less than 3000 researchers working in R&D public centers dedicated to electronics, including the renowned CEA-Leti, CEA-Liten, CNRS, Inria, and also associated university laboratories (Imep-LAHC, Simap, Institut Néel, Spintec, TIMA, etc.) and CRI-PILSI (Centre de Recherche Intégrative). Several private R&D department of international companies also choose Grenoble like STMicroelectronics and IBM (CMos Technology Alliance), Nanosmart Center (Soitec), bioMérieux, Mentor Graphics, Atrenta, etc.


Those research efforts are emphasized by Minalogic. As one of the five clusters of the Silicon Europe Alliance, member of the Microtechnics Alliance together with three other clusters and an expert to the European Commission for the definition of the framework and implementation of its microelectronics strategy, the Grenoble cluster encourages collaborations and facilitates open innovation. Minalogic recently confirmed its commitment to reinforce its collaboration with other international clusters and contribute to the development of the “French Tech” worldwide. It also takes part and supports the 2014 edition of Semicon Europa that will take place in Grenoble, for the first time, on October 8-10.


About Minalogic - www.minalogic.org  -  @Minalogic

Created in 2005, the Minalogic global competitive cluster in Grenoble is a public/private partnership with 240 members dedicated to smart systems integration and digital solutions. Minalogic’s collaborative projects are focused on developing products and services that capitalize on the potential of better combinations of micro- and nanoelectronics and software. The cluster encourages and supports industry research-training collaborations with companies in Europe, Asia and the U.S., while responding to the global high-tech community's need to identify new value-added services that can be integrated into existing products in health care, the environment, mobility, the media, the textile industry and other areas.

About the Grenoble-Isère Economic Development Agency (AEPI), promoting investment in Grenoble-Isère’s economy  www.grenoble-isere.com/en -  @Grenoble_Isere

The Grenoble-Isère Economic Development Agency (AEPI) was established to promote Grenoble-Isère as a destination of choice for businesses based across France—and around the globe. The agency builds bridges between Grenoble-Isère and the rest of the world, focusing in particular on the United States, the rest of Europe, and, with the support of the Invest in France Agency, Asia. Over the past fifteen years, AEPI has helped 420 businesses, both French- and foreign-owned, set up shop in Grenoble-Isère, creating some 9,600 jobs in the process. AEPI’s added value lies in its unique capacity to identify and attract manufacturing businesses to Grenoble-Isère and solidly anchor them in the area for the long-term.

Grenoble-Isère enjoys a strategic positioning at the crossroads of industry, research, and higher education, making it the ideal place to start a new business or expand an existing one. AEPI leverages unrivalled knowledge of local stakeholders across the public and private sectors, providing both businesses and local governments with targeted advice on their local business and economic development strategies.

AEPI also possesses an in-house economic observatory to provide expert insights on the area’s flagship industries. The observatory tracks the latest trends and keeps a close eye on local economic indicators.

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