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16 July 2013

Nano 2017, a €3,5 billion investment in Grenoble-Isere for micro and nano-electronics

In July, Jean-Marc Ayrault, France’s Prime Minister announced the state’s commitment of € 600 million - to which € 100 million should be added by local communities - in the Nano2017 project.

This € 3.5 billion research and industrial development program involves primarily STMicroelectronics, CEA-Leti and their local partners, and aims to achieve, by 2017, a new technological breakthrough in the control and dissemination of nano-electronics applications. As ubiquitous and widely enabling key technologies, nano-electronics are at the heart of all major societal challenges and the subject of intense competition between the five major global micro/nano high tech ecosystems including Crolles-Grenoble.

Today, STMicroelectronics and CEA-Léti have unique skills in the world in FDSOI production technologies, which is a key advantage for the most advanced digital and mobile applications.

Nano2017 should leverage Grenoble-Isere’s leadership in this strategic technology sector, an investment in line with European Union’s 10/100/20 initiative.*

*in reference to the European Union program’s goals of generating 10 Billion Euros public/private funding for R&D, 100 Billion Euros investment for manufacturing, and 20% share of global chip production market by 2020.