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03 June 2016

Protocol agreement signed by Digital Grenoble and Korean Daegu CCEI

Laurent Ponthieu and Sunil KimDigital Grenoble, the French Tech project leader in Grenoble-Isère, has teamed up with Korea’s Daegu Center for Creative Economy & Innovation (CCEI) to promote cross-ecosystem relations for business development.


Laurent Ponthieu, Digital Grenoble CEO, has signed a protocol agreement with Kim Sunil, President of the Daegu Center for Creative Economy & Innovation, leader of the Korean CCEI network of business incubators. The agreement was made official at Digital Grenoble Totem headquarters on May 31st. The aim is to promote collaboration between companies on the rise in both metropolises, particularly those involved in developing digital technologies.

Mr. Sunil Kim, Daegu President declared: “The signing of this agreement between French Tech and the Daegu CCEI this year is highly symbolic since 2016 marks 130 years of economic relations between our two countries. Digital Grenoble is the perfect gateway to the impressive Grenoble innovation ecosystem. What I have seen of the Grenoble ecosystem leads me to believe that our collaborative values are strongly aligned and I am very optimistic for the future of our relationship.”
Laurent Ponthieu, Digital Grenoble CEO stated: “This agreement is in tune with the objective of developing international relationships, a key dimension of the French Tech program. The Daegu CCEI is an ideal partner. I am very impressed by the drive and ambition behind the Center for Creative Economy and Innovation project whose objectives closely match those of Digital Grenoble and the ecosystem we represent. Invest in Grenoble-Isère, France – AEPI will naturally partner with Digital Grenoble in hosting Korean start-ups wishing to discover our ecosystem in the framework of the agreement. I would also like to thank INRIA, Inovallée, CEA Tech, Medicalps, Soitec, Orange and STMicroelectronics for welcoming our guests.”

The signing of the protocol agreement between Digital Grenoble and the Daegu CCEI is part of the “Korea-France Year” celebrating 130 years of Franco-Korean friendship. It follows the launch of the “French Tech Hub of Seoul” on December 10th, 2015, and the visit to Grenoble on April 21st by Mr. MO Chul-min, ambassador of the Republic of Korea in France, hosted by Invest in Grenoble-Isère, France-AEPI and Grenoble Alpes Métrolopole.



About Digital Grenoble
Digital Grenoble embodies French Tech in Grenoble. Together with the cities of Annecy, Chambéry and Valence-Romans, it forms the “French Tech in the Alps” alliance. The structure is aimed at promoting the emergence of startups and their development into SMEs and Tech Champions. It also favors the growth of all businesses (and jobs) through or for digital technology, and increases digital Grenoble’s visibility (via the Digital Grenoble label). Digital Grenoble is a collective-interest cooperative and a Simplified Joint Stock Company (SAS) governed by cooperative law.
For more about Digital Grenoble: digital-grenoble.com
For more about French Tech: http://bonjourlafrenchtech.com


About the Daegu Center for Creative Economy and Innovation (CCEI)
The Daegu Center for Creative Economy and Innovation (CCEI) is a business incubator created in September 2014 by the South Korean government, the Daegu Municipality and Samsung Electronics, with the aim of promoting “the creative economy”. It has a budget of 20 billion Wons (about 15 million euros). Eighteen CCEIs have been created in the country through partnerships between local governments and chaebols (conglomerates) to stimulate the country’s economy. In 2016, the Daegu CCEI will be moving into new premises to improve operating efficiency and facilitate relations with foreign countries.
For more information: www.startupkorea.com

About Invest in Grenoble-Isère, France-AEPI, promoting business development in Isère
Invest in Grenoble-Isère, FRANCE-AEPI’s mission is to promote Greater Grenoble and the Isère area, nationally and internationally, to attract new businesses. Invest in Grenoble-Isère, FRANCE-AEPI is a link between Isère and the world, with branches in the US, UK and Germany, and expanding operations in Asia (Taiwan and Korea), supported by Business France. Over the past 17 years, AEPI has accompanied and assisted 450 French and non-French companies in setting up operations in the area, thereby contributing to the creation of 10,200 jobs. The Agency’s added value lies in creating favorable conditions for detecting, attracting, establishing and anchoring productive activities in Grenoble-Isère. The area’s strategic position at the crossroads of Industry, Research and Training and the presence of several competitive clusters make it an ideal place for those with a desire to create, undertake, innovate and invest.
For more information: www.grenoble-isere.com



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