Invest in Grenoble-Isère

Invest in Grenoble-Isère

Do business in the world’s 5th most inventive city

A wide range of industries

Openning the doors to outer space

  • 550 academic research jobs (720 region wide) ; 5,100 industry jobs and 120 students per year specialized in space industry
  • CSUG (Centre Spatial Universitaire de Grenoble), one of the 5th university space center in France
  • Expertise in miniaturization and instrumentation; an ecosystem that encourages disruptive innovation
  • Talent from all fields with specialized knowledge geared towards space applications
  • Leading laboratories participate in ambitious European space missions

More about space industry in Grenoble-Isere by downloading the document


“Therefore our area in northern Isère is today a region of excellence for innovation in the construction industry. 80% of the industry’s private-sector R&D in France takes place in northern Isère.”

Jacques LAUVIN - President, Construction Innovations Division, Lafarge Service Group

Fertile ground for experimental sustainable construction projects

  • Grenoble-Isère is home to global construction materials industry leaders Lafarge, Vicat, Saint-Gobain, Kerneos, and Xella
  • 80% of France’s private-sector research in construction materials takes place in Rhône-Alpes
  • Innovative construction-related education and training programs at Les Grands Ateliers
  • Technology centers: CSTB, Astus Construction
  • Particularly active clusters and industry networks: Pôle Innovations Constructives, Tenerrdis
  • Experimental sustainable construction projects: TEPOS, an energy-positive development project in northern Isère, and eco-neighborhood Ecocité Grenoble Presqu’île

France’s leading hub for overland logistics facilities

  • 2,000,000 sq. m of logistics facilities
  • Logistics leaders ND, DHL, Rhenus, FM Logistic, Yusen, and Morin
  • Retail and manufacturing logistics platforms: Darty, Lu, Schneider Electric, and Ikea
  • A vast network of SMBs providing logistics, automation, real estate, handling equipment, and HR and training services to the industry
  • The Pôle Intelligence Logistique (PIL’es) logistics cluster encourages logistics companies to experiment and innovate by training personnel on new skills and integrating new technology for better-performing logistics facilities

Mechanical engineering, metallurgy, machine tools, and equipment

  • Grenoble-Isère is home to major corporations and a vast network of SMBs: Alfa Laval Vicarb, Constellium, Caterpillar, ARaymond, Tecumseh, Sames Technologies, Valeo, and CIC Orio
  • ViaMeca, a cluster focusing on the design, manufacturing, and integration of smart mechanical systems
  • The support of Poudr’Innov and CRV Constellium to help manufacturers develop more innovative materials 

From luxury apparel to engineered textiles

  • The luxury industry turns to Grenoble-Isère for its traditional textile expertise: Holding Textile Hermès, Tissages Perrin, Gandit, and Création Métaphores
  • The area is also a center for engineered textiles for the aerospace, building materials, automotive, sporting goods, and smart apparel markets, with: Porcher Indutries, Hexcel, Serge Ferrari (photo opposite: the London 2012 Olympic Stadium’s PVC roof), Sofileta, Texinnov, and Sulitec
  • Techtera textile and flexible materials cluster

Sporting goods and mountain development

  • Some of the world’s leading providers of technical infrastructures for mountain development projects: Pomagalski, Sigma composites, Gimar Montaz Mautino, and Aztec
  • Sporting goods manufacturers: Petzl, Rossignol, Time Sport International, Oxylane, and Raidlight 
  • Retail sporting goods brands and distributors: Head Tyrolia Sports, Amer Sports, Décathlon, Le Vieux Campeur, Intersport, Go sport
  • A dedicated innovation platform, Inolab, and cluster, Sporaltec


  • Plastics specialists: A Raymond, Maagtechnik, Prodhag Plastiques, STIPlastics, Ryb, Sigma Cabin, Rexam, and Rexor
  • The Plastipolis cluster
  • Cellulose processing: VirginBioPack, Inofib, BT3, Elicityl, Ahlstrom, Arjowiggins, Munksjö, La Papeterie de Vizille, Allimand, and ABK Group
  • Materials innovation platforms and labs: TekLiCell, IntechFibres, and Institut Carnot PolyNat

Publications on Grenoble-Isère's key technologies

To know more, please download our publications of the sector (pdf)