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09 Apr
Workshop on Additive Manufacturing 09 - 10 April

From process qualification until component certification, additive manufacturing presents big challenges as a new field of material processing with multiple new parameters. Therefore, new insights concerning characterisation are envisaged for process and component standards and certification, as well as for experimental benchmark input for modellings.

European large installations ILL and ESRF offer a common frame for additive manufacturing industrial investigations, where unique static (scanning) and dynamic (in-situ) studies on stresses and imaging, from the nanometre until several centimetres range, are possible.

13 Jun

The European Innovation Hub Day (EIH-Day), organised by CEA Tech in Grenoble, is a full day event dedicated to EIH and the use of associated European research and innovation programmes.


This event will bring together key-players from the European Commission, Regions, Regional Clusters, Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) and SMEs to exchange views on existing and future innovation hubs.

04 Jul
Leti Innovation Days 04 - 05 July

Join Leti Innovation Days flagship event in Grenoble on July 4-5th, 2018. This year, Leti Innovation Days will address how microelectronics is empowering a wide range of technological revolutions that serves industry, directly affecting our daily lives with new uses. Keynotes and panel session topics will range from Big Data, 5G, Bio-inspired circuits, Quantum computer to Cybersecurity. 

06 Nov
Nano2Sense: 1st International workshop 06 - 07 November

Electrical detection of molecules using 0D, 1D and 2D semi-conducting nanomaterials : applications to health, environment and security

11 Nov
High Level Forum 2018 11 - 14 November

The theme of the HIGH LEVEL FORUM 2018 will be:


This theme will be worked through two plenary sessions and workshops, addressing the Challenges of Infrastructure projects, the contribution of Innovation Ecosystems to Infrastructure initiatives, the Infrastructures for the Cities of the Future and the Infrastructures for an efficient transfer of Innovation from Research to Industry.

Other parts of the Program will leave opportunities for enjoying relaxing times, discovering the hosting ecosystem of Grenoble and networking between delegations and organizations.