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14 June 2017

AEPI facilitates MOU agreement between CEA-Liten and ITRI

In June, the CEA Liten signed a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Taiwanese research center, ITRI. This event marks a new step in a series of interactions that have taken place over the past 18 months thanks in part to the active participation of AEPI-Invest in Grenoble-Isère, France and its local head of the Taiwanese office. The AEPI accompanied ITRI during various meetings with the CEA-Liten (High Level Forum 2016, Semicon Europa 2016, ITRI visit to the LITEN and the INES, in Chambéry near Grenoble).


This major agreement was signed in Hsinchu and will provide a framework for collaboration between the two institutions on subjects tied to renewable energy. ITRI is looking forward to developing partnerships with all of CEA TECH (LETI and LIST).