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03 April 2017

Rossignol enables skier performance and security

Rossignol and PIQ have partnered for the past two years. Together, they developed the first connected ski using PIQ ROBOT technology. By integrating this technology in the Hero Master ski, the two partners have revolutionized the skier’s experience. An LED screen located on the bindings enables skiers to take advantage of GAIA, the first artificial intelligence system designed to understand and analyze athletic performance. GAIA provides real-time performance measurements such as speed, angulation and G-force during turns. The prototype was unveiled during the ISPO 2017 trade show.



In terms of security, Rossignol offers an airbag vest developed in partnership with In&motion. The certified back protector includes a system that is capable of analyzing the skier’s movements in real time. When the system detects a dangerous fall, it triggers the airbag to inflate in less than a tenth of a second. For the past two years, this revolutionary protection system has been used by ski cross and alpine skiers during training and World Cup competitions.



Rossignol has also reinforced its position in cycling by acquiring Felt Bicycles, a California based company that specializes in the design and production of premium bikes, frames, components and accessories. Felt Bicycles reported a turnover of $60 million. By joining forces, the two companies will develop a new mountain bike product line for 2018.